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If you're on the lookout for a Toyota in Missouri, explore the extensive collection of Toyota used cars at Clement Pre-Owned dealership. As a renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota has earned a global reputation for exceptional reliability, and at Clement Pre-Owned, we bring you the assurance of top-notch quality in every Toyota certified pre-owned car.

Toyota for sale in Missouri, Clement Pre-Owned, MO

What are the top 5 Toyota models?

Toyota offers a diverse lineup that caters to a broad spectrum of preferences. The extensive lineup ranges from the subcompact Yaris to full-size trucks like the Toyota Tundra. Additionally, the Toyota brand boasts numerous SUVs, from the small C-HR to the large Land Cruiser, providing options for every lifestyle.

Amidst this extensive selection, the top-selling Toyota models in the USA have captured the hearts of American drivers, representing a harmonious blend of reliability, versatility, and stellar performance.In 2023, these vehicles have not only been the most popular Toyotas worldwide but have also been recognized as the best-selling vehicles in North America. Let's delve into each of these exceptional models:

Toyota RAV4: trailblazing compact SUV

Bestseller Toyota RAV4 in snowy Missouri state

The Toyota RAV4, standing for "Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive," is a compact SUV. Renowned for its versatility, efficiency, and cutting-edge features, the RAV4 is designed to meet the demands of both urban and adventurous lifestyles. Its consistent status as the best-selling SUV in the United States reflects its widespread appeal and trailblazing presence in the automotive market. The RAV4's success is further underscored by its ranking among the top 4 best-selling car models in Missouri. Clement Pre-Owned experts designate the RAV4 as one of the best SUVs for Missouri winters. With its capable AWD system and top-notch safety ratings, it provides confidence on snowy roads. Explore more on the best cars for snow.   

Toyota Tacoma: resilient pickup truck

Toyota Tacoma, a pickup that combines resilience and off-road prowess, showcasing true Missouri spirit.

The Toyota Tacoma, a stalwart in the pickup truck segment, is celebrated for its resilience, durability, and off-road capabilities. Crafted to navigate diverse landscapes, Tacoma is a symbol of reliability, making it a top choice for those seeking a versatile and robust pickup truck. With a reputation for toughness and dependability, the Tacoma is well-suited for both work and play. Whether you're interested in a dependable pickup truck like the Toyota Tacoma or other models known for their reliability, our dealership is your trusted choice for high-quality pre-owned Toyota for sale. 

Toyota Corolla: iconic compact sedan

Toyota Corolla navigating MO roads

The Toyota Corolla, a perennial favorite, is an iconic compact sedan appreciated for its enduring appeal, fuel efficiency, and practicality. As one of the best-selling cars globally, the Corolla blends style with functionality, offering a reliable and economical option suitable for a variety of drivers. Its consistent popularity reflects its status as a benchmark for compact sedans. If you are looking for a reliable, durable and affordable cars, explore the Toyota for sale at Clement Pre-Owned, MO.

Toyota Camry: reliable midsize sedan

Elegance redefined, Toyota Camry cruising through the streets of Florissant

The Toyota Camry is a dependable car recognized for its refined design, advanced technology, and dependable performance. As a stalwart in the sedan segment, the Camry is celebrated for its comfort, efficiency, and enduring popularity among drivers seeking a stylish and trustworthy daily commuter car. With a commitment to innovation, the Camry continues to set the standard for midsize sedans. 

Toyota Highlander: versatile midsize SUV

landscapes with the Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a versatile midsize SUV that combines comfort, safety, and adaptability. Ideal for families and individuals alike, the Highlander boasts a spacious interior, advanced safety features, and a smooth driving experience. Its popularity is a testament to its well-rounded capabilities, making it a standout choice in the competitive midsize SUV market. 

Why is Toyota so popular in America?


Toyota's commitment to reliability is evident in the fact that an impressive 80% of Toyota vehicles sold in the past two decades are still navigating the roads today. This exceptional durability translates into substantial long-term savings and reflects Toyota's expertise in crafting high-quality vehicles. Explore our article on Honda vs. Toyota for insights into reliability rankings, affordability, maintenance costs, and safety aspects of both brands.


Toyota's dedication to safety is firmly established, as demonstrated by the accolade of fourteen Toyota models receiving IIHS Top Safety Pick designations in 2023. Most Toyota vehicles come equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, reinforcing the brand's efforts to guarantee driver and passenger safety. If you are considering a Toyota model for sale, rest assured that the commitment to safety is ingrained in every model. 

Resale value

Toyota consistently claims the top position for resale value, as acknowledged by Kelley Blue Book, naming it the Best Resale Value brand for 2023. By constructing high-quality vehicles, Toyota not only ensures an extended service life but also enhances the resale value, making it a sound investment for buyers.


Year after year, Toyota earns top marks for quality, attributing its success to excellent manufacturing techniques, well-trained technicians, top-tier engineering expertise, and the use of upscale materials. 

U.S.A. manufacturing

Toyota produces 12 customer-favorite vehicles in Toyota's North American facilities, including models like Avalon, Corolla, Camry, Highlander, RAV4, and Tundra. These manufacturing facilities are strategically situated across locations including Kentucky, Indiana, Canada, Mississippi, California, and Texas.

Gee Whiz innovation

Toyota exemplifies innovation with groundbreaking vehicles like the Prius, which revolutionized the automotive industry. Explore the features of any Toyota model, and you'll witness the results of design and engineering focused on creating better and more reliable vehicles.

Going green:

As a leader in green vehicles, Toyota extends beyond the iconic Prius models, offering hybrid versions of Camry, Avalon, RAV4, and Highlander. Toyota's commitment to environmentally friendly options aligns with evolving trends in planet-saving technologies.

Explore the Toyota for sale at Clement Pre Owned and experience a seamless car-buying process. Among the vehicles at our car lots in Florissant and St.Charles, you can find even certified pre-owned (CPO) cars, what undergo a rigorous quality assurance inspection, all autos come with a CARFAX® vehicle history report, and at our dealerships we offer complementary  30-year/300,000 miles warranty options for added peace of mind. Visit Clement Pre-Owned with a wide selection of Toyota used cars in Missouri.