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In your quest for a work truck in Missouri, check Clement Pre-Owned's extensive inventory of the finest pickups equipped with intelligent towing features. Whether you're in search of a heavy-duty powerhouse or a compact option that fits snugly in your garage, your ideal towing companion awaits at Clement Pre-Owned.

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Best trucks for towing: unveiling unique features and capabilities

In the USA, pickup trucks go beyond being mere vehicles; they embody a way of life. Missouri's automotive preferences resonate with this sentiment, as the top four best-selling vehicles in the Show-Me State are tow trucks. Let's delve into our list of the best towing trucks, each offering unique features and capabilities for a variety of needs:

  • Ford F-150;
  • RAM 1500;
  • Chevy Silverado;
  • GMC Sierra;
  • Toyota Tundra;
  • Chevy Colorado;
  • Nissan Titan;
  • Honda Ridgeline;
  • Ford Super Duty;
  • Nissan Frontier. 

While each of these trucks excels in towing capabilities, their strengths vary based on the intended use. Some are better suited for hauling heavy equipment, making them ideal for demanding work scenarios. Others are more tailored for recreational activities, excelling in towing RV trailers or boats.

Top 5 towing trucks for heavy equipment and work

Highlighted below are towing trucks specifically engineered to excel in heavy-duty tasks. These trucks boast robust capabilities and advanced features tailored to meet the demands of rigorous work scenarios. Whether you're navigating construction sites or hauling substantial loads, these top-notch trucks are designed to deliver optimal performance and reliability, making them the ideal choice for heavy work in the diverse landscapes of Missouri.

Ford F-150: versatile workhorse

Ford F-150 motortruck in Missouri

The Ford F-150 is a versatile workhorse suitable for heavy equipment and demanding work tasks. Its powerful engine options, especially the 400-horsepower 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, and robust towing capacity of 14,000 pounds make it ideal for heavy-duty jobs.

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Ram 1500: where comfort meets capability

Ram 1500 truck at work in Missouri

Known for its comfort and capability, the RAM 1500 is a solid choice for heavy equipment. The 395-horsepower 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine, paired with a longer bed, allows it to tow up to 12,750 pounds, making it suitable for various work-related hauling.

Chevrolet Silverado: intuitive technology and power

Chevrolet Silverado in the scenic Missouri landscape

The Chevy Silverado 1500, with its powerful engine options and top towing capacity of 13,300 pounds, is well-equipped for heavy-duty work. Its intuitive technology and Multi-Flex tailgate add convenience to demanding tasks.

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GMC Sierra: brawny and luxurious full-size truck

GMC Sierra towing truck in the heart of Missouri

With a brawny build and powerful engine options, the GMC Sierra is a lavish truck suitable for heavy work. Its maximum towing capacity of 13,200 pounds, especially with the diesel engine, positions it as a reliable choice.

Ford Super Duty: heavy-duty powerhouse

Ford Super Duty - power truck in MO

Stepping into heavy-duty territory, the Ford Super Duty lineup, with its various engine options and unparalleled towing capabilities, is specifically designed for heavy equipment and demanding work scenarios.

Top 5 trucks for RV trailers, campers, boats

The following list features top towing trucks crafted for recreational activities—perfect for towing boats to Missouri rivers and RVs for your adventures. Tailored with powerful and versatile features, these trucks ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Toyota Tundra: redefined power and refined ride

Toyota Tundra: your perfect towing truck in the beautiful Missouri countryside

The Toyota Tundra offers a refined ride, upscale cabin, and a variety of powerful V6 and hybrid-V6 engine options. The top towing capacity is achieved when the i-Force V6 is paired with the SR5 Double Cab, the 6.5-foot bed, and rear-wheel drive, boasting an impressive maximum towing capacity.

Chevrolet Colorado: a compact powerhouse

Chevrolet Colorado amidst Missouri's charm

The Chevrolet Colorado is a compact powerhouse, offering potent towing capabilities. Ideal for both work and leisure, especially when equipped with the available V6 engine, it strikes a perfect balance between size and strength.

Nissan Titan: rugged and reliable

Nissan Titan motor truck perfect for any roads

The Nissan Titan is a rugged and reliable towing truck, perfect for navigating Missouri roads. With its V8 engine option, it provides substantial towing power, making it an ideal choice for confidently hauling loads, whether for work or adventure.

Honda Ridgeline: versatility redefined

Discover Honda Ridgeline: beautiful towing truck

Breaking away from traditional pickup designs, the Honda Ridgeline redefines versatility in towing trucks. With its unique in-bed trunk and available AWD, it offers innovative features that enhance convenience for towing, making it a solid choice for a range of tasks.

Nissan Frontier: compact and capable

Nissan Frontier is tailored for offf-road explorations

The Nissan Frontier provides a compact yet capable option without compromising on towing capabilities. Tailored for Missouri explorations, it offers versatility for various tasks, making it an ideal choice for those who want towing capacity in a smaller package.

Bottom line

In our selection of top trucks for towing cargo, we believe that three models excel equally in heavy-duty work and towing boats and RVs. These exceptional trucks are the Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and Ford F-150. 

Whether you're in the market for a towing truck in Missouri or simply seeking a versatile and capable vehicle, these models cater to a range of preferences. Combining power, innovation, and towing capabilities, they meet the demands of the open road. At Clement Pre-Owned, we offer a diverse selection of vehicles, ensuring you find the perfect companion for your Missouri adventures. Enjoy additional benefits at Clement Pre-Owned, including free Carfax reports, diverse finance options, and a remarkable 30-year/300,000-mile warranty for added peace of mind. Explore our extended inventory today and make your dreams a reality.