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Local Artist Spotlight: St. Lunatics

Clement Pre-Owned is proud to announce our partnership with the best St.Louis-based hip-hop group on the block: the St. Lunatics! In addition to working hard to provide the citizens of our great city with reliable, reasonably priced vehicles, we're also committed to supporting local artists – which means you could meet and greet the St. Lunatics at an upcoming Clement Auto event!

If you're looking for a place to call your automotive home, know that the Clement Pre-Owned team understands the value of collaborating with vital community organizations and native sons like the St. Lunatics to expand our beloved culture in St. Louis, MO.

Meet the St. Lunatics

The St. Lunatics are a hip-hop artist collective that includes local legends Nelly, Ali, City Spud, Kyjuan, Slo Down, and Murphy Lee. The group formed in 1993, then recorded and released a regional hit single, "Gimme What U Got," three years later. In 1998, the St. Lunatics teamed up with Cudda Love to sign a deal with Universal Records and release their debut album, Free City.

Not only has this underground hip-hop crew seen incredible success in the music industry, but they've also made a point of giving back to their fans. The St. Lunatics have been known to host community block parties and to promote and celebrate the rich heritage of their St. Louis home.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Clement Auto Group Events

Clement Pre-Owned is dedicated to highlighting local St. Louis talent, from famous hip-hop artists to nationally known DJs. Partnering with hip-hop legends like the St. Lunatics is just one of the many ways our dealership enjoys spreading love, fun, and creativity to all of our customers.

Call or visit the Clement Pre-Owned showroom today to learn more about our community partnerships, upcoming events, and current used inventory!

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