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Land Rover vs. Jeep in Missouri

Luxury Brand Comparison

Land Rover and Jeep are two iconic automotive brands renowned for their rugged vehicles capable of conquering Missouri's challenging terrains. Each one has unique strengths and weaknesses, and today, we prepared a detailed comparison between Land Rover and Jeep to help you define your winner.

Land Rover vs Jeep in MO |  Clement Pre-Owned St Charles and Florissant

Land Rover: British precision and off-road mastery

Land Rover, a British brand owned by Jaguar Land Rover, is synonymous with luxury and off-road prowess. The brand's lineup, including the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, New Range Rover Velar, New Range Rover Evoque, Defender, Discovery, and Discovery Sport, is designed to excel in diverse environments.

A standout feature of Land Rover is the Terrain Response system, allowing drivers to adapt vehicle settings to various terrains like mud, sand, rocks, or snow on the fly for optimal traction and control.

Moreover, Land Rover vehicles provide a combination of luxury and sophistication through their leather interiors, advanced infotainment systems, and premium sound systems, guaranteeing a luxurious experience even on challenging trips.

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Jeep: trailblazing American heritage

Jeep, an American icon, boasts a rich history of off-road excellence with vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. Its lineup caters to off-road enthusiasts with features like the Trail Rated badge, indicating a vehicle's ability to conquer tough off-road obstacles such as steep inclines, water fording, and rocky trails.

Customization is a key strength of Jeep, offering a broad selection of trim levels, packages, and accessories for enhancing off-road performance according to individual needs.

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Let's compare the general characteristics of these two brands:

Category Land Rover Jeep
Driving Modes 7 5
Max Cargo Space 70.1 cubic feet 68.3 cubic feet
Highest towing capacity The Range Rover offers 7,716 lbs The Grand Cherokee has 7,200 lbs
Off-Road Capabilities Terrain Response system Quadra-Trac systems
Safety Range Rover and Range Rover Sport received five-star Euro NCAP safety ratings The Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L received the IIHS's top safety pick award
Infotainment System Pivi Pro with 10” Touchscreen Uconnect® 5 with 10.1” display
Residual value After five years, Land Rover vehicles retain 63% of their original value. After five years, Jeeps typically retain around 60% of their original price.

Comparison of the most popular Land Rover and Jeep models

Land Rover Defender vs. Jeep Cherokee

Comparing the Land Rover Defender with the Jeep Cherokee reveals several noticeable distinctions.

  • Design and aesthetics:

The Land Rover Defender embraces a classic, rugged aesthetic that pays homage to its heritage, appealing to those who appreciate timeless design. In comparison, the Jeep Cherokee's aesthetic has divided opinions, with certain individuals favoring a more classic SUV style. Its KL-generation design, in particular, has sparked debates among enthusiasts.

  • Customization and performance:

The Defender offers extensive customization options, allowing owners to tailor the vehicle to their off-road habits. On the other hand, while the Cherokee excels in technology and ride quality, its base engine may feel underwhelming for those seeking more power and torque compared to the Defender's robust 2.0L 296 hp I4.

The Land Rover Defender, off-road SUV, in MO
  • Interior features and space:

The Defender's cabin, while functional and customizable, may lack the luxury features found in other premium SUVs, potentially impacting its appeal to buyers seeking a more refined interior. Additionally, the Cherokee may face limitations in cargo space, especially when fully loaded with passengers and gear, in contrast to the Defender's versatile interior layout.

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  • Price and value proposition:

The Land Rover Defender's high price tag may be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers, despite its impressive off-road capabilities and customizable options.

In comparison, the Jeep Cherokee offers a compelling value proposition with its advanced technology features, solid ride quality, and safety innovations, catering to buyers seeking a modern, versatile SUV without the premium price tag of the Defender.

In summary, the Land Rover Defender and Jeep Cherokee target different segments of the SUV market, with the Defender focusing on off-road enthusiasts and luxury seekers, while the Cherokee appeals to those prioritizing technology, versatility, and value-for-money.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Land Rover's Range Rover Sport and Jeep's Grand Cherokee L are both standout options in the SUV market, each with unique offerings and advantages.

The Range Rover Sport presents itself as a compact and budget-friendly alternative to Land Rover's flagship Range Rover, appealing to those seeking a blend of luxury and off-road capability. On the other hand, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L stands out as a spacious and luxurious midsize SUV, prioritizing technology and comfort.

Let's dive into the key areas of comparison between these two models.

  • Performance and off-road capabilities:

The Range Rover Sport offers multiple powertrain options, including a potent turbocharged V8 and a plug-in hybrid variant, catering to diverse performance preferences.

Conversely, the Grand Cherokee L shines with its great handling and nimble ride, although some may find the base engine lacking compared to the Range Rover Sport's array of powertrains.

  • Interior comfort and versatility:

Both vehicles prioritize interior comfort, with the Range Rover Sport boasting luxurious materials and three-row seating options suitable for larger families.

The Grand Cherokee L also impresses with its premium interior materials, offering a comfortable cabin environment, albeit with potentially limited cargo space compared to the Range Rover Sport's three-row configuration.

The Range Rover Sport: your off-road companion in Missouri.
  • Technology and safety features:

The Grand Cherokee L excels in technology, featuring advanced infotainment systems and driver-assist features for convenience and safety.

In contrast, some users may find the technology interface of the Range Rover Sport less intuitive, although it compensates with formidable off-road capabilities aligned with Land Rover's heritage.

  • Fuel Efficiency and value proposition:

The Grand Cherokee L may face criticism for its fuel economy, given its larger size and power, compared to the Range Rover Sport's plug-in hybrid variant and diverse powertrain options.

Additionally, while the Grand Cherokee L offers impressive technology and comfort, advanced safety features may not be standard across all trim levels, potentially impacting its overall value proposition.

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Overall, the Range Rover Sport and Jeep Grand Cherokee L cater to different preferences within the SUV market, with the former emphasizing off-road prowess, luxury, and diverse powertrain options, while the latter focuses on handling, technology, and interior comfort. 

In conclusion, whether you prefer the British luxury and off-road prowess of Land Rover or the American heritage and customization options of Jeep, both brands offer compelling choices for navigating Missouri's diverse terrains. Visit our dealership in St. Charles or Florissant and schedule a test drive to explore our extensive inventory of used Jeeps, Land Rovers, and other SUVs.

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