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Best first cars for teenagers: what to consider

First car for teen driver: expert tips from the Missouri dealership with decade of experience

It can be a hard task for parents and guardians to choose the perfect first car for a teenager, cause they have to consider such crucial factors as safety, reliability, and affordability. If your goal is to find the best first cars, designed to make the transition from passenger to driver as effortless as possible, you have come to the right place. 

The experts from Clement Pre-Owned dealer center have compiled a list of vehicles that are spot-on for young drivers venturing onto Missouri's vast roads. Explore them all, or kick off by sifting through our stock of 600+ used cars, arranging them to match your preferences and budget.

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A young driver's first car should provide enough power without tempting them to set new speed records. Bigger, heavier, and more stable cars are safer, which is why subcompacts aren't in the top. The model should be equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Moreover, the car should have earned at least a "good" rating in crash tests for its release year.

Vehicles can be expensive, but the used car market offers numerous options at relatively affordable prices. And among the selection, at Clement Pre-Owned car lot in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Florissant you'll find models boasting advanced safety features, impressive fuel efficiency, and long-lasting durability:

  • Honda Civic
  • Ford Focus
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Hyundai Accent 
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Mazda 3
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Honda CR-V
  • Volkswagen Tiguan 

Honda Civic

Civic remains a favored selection among novice drivers

The Honda Civic remains a favored selection among novice drivers for its strong track record of reliability, fuel economy, and safety. Boasting diverse body types such as sedan, coupe, and hatchback, the Civic accommodates different personal tastes.

Its compact size simplifies maneuvering and parking, while agile handling and pleasant interior elevate the driving venture. Packed with cutting-edge safety elements and technology, the Honda Civic stands as an optimal pick for teenagers initiating their driving expedition.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus is the stability and style

The Ford Focus embodies style and comfort. It's synonymous with safety, steady handling, and adaptability to the driver's preferences. The car features a comfortable yet dependable suspension and unmatched sound insulation within its price range. The Focus delivers stability and agility, while core perks include cruise control, adjustable mirrors, heated seats, and budget-friendly consumables.

Chevy Cruze

Cruze presents itself as a reliable choice for novice teenagers

The Chevrolet Cruze presents itself as a reliable choice for novice teenage drivers, providing a pleasant journey, appealing aesthetics, and commendable fuel efficiency. Available in both sedan and hatchback variations, the Cruze  meets a range of preferences and requirements. Its notable safety evaluations and accessible driver assistance functionalities guarantee safety on the road for young individuals. 

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent is the good option as a first car

Hyundai cars are renowned for their rich features. Opting for a used Hyundai Accent means getting a  vehicle with a premium package at an affordable price. The Accent boasts a powerful and reliable engine with reasonable fuel consumption – a significant plus for new drivers.

Volkswagen Golf

Golf car is a compact and easy to drive even for a newbie

The Volkswagen Golf stands as a compact hatchback that seamlessly blends European flair with functionality and dependability. Its nimble handling and spirited performance contribute to a pleasurable driving experience, while its outstanding safety scores and cutting-edge safety enhancements reassure parents.

Moreover, the Golf's roomy interior and adaptable cargo space establish it as a practical choice for teenagers with dynamic lifestyles.

Mazda 3

Mazda3 is the union of comfort and style

The Mazda 3 has undergone systematic restyling, emerging as one of the most technologically advanced, reliable, secure, and visually appealing vehicles in its category. With comfortable front seats, ample glove compartment space, generous side mirrors, and an overall smart design, the Mazda 3 takes the crown as the best fun-to-drive option for teens.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla is another great option for novice drivers

The Toyota Corolla emerges as another excellent option for novice drivers. Renowned for its robustness and minimal upkeep expenses, the Corolla brings reassurance to both teenagers and their parents. Within its compact frame, this car showcases remarkable fuel efficiency, presenting an economical choice for families mindful of their finances.

Furthermore, the Corolla is equipped with an array of sophisticated safety attributes, guaranteeing a protected driving journey for adolescents as they bolster their confidence behind the wheel.

Honda CR-V

CR-V - an excellent choice for anybody

The Honda CR-V showcases an elegant and sophisticated interior crafted from high-quality materials. Cabin noise is kept to a minimum, and every element is meticulously designed. For instance, dashboard pads protect the driver and passenger knees from kicking into hard surfaces. Controls and buttons are positioned for easy access, ensuring novice drivers can operate functions without diverting their attention from the road. 

Volkswagen Tiguan

Tiguan has 5 stars in the crash tests

Compared to its counterparts like the Kia Sportage and Chevrolet Captiva, the compact Volkswagen Tiguan stands out with its smooth ride, premium sound insulation, quality materials, ergonomic design, and abundant features. Even the base model includes ABS, ESP stabilization, and six airbags. EuroNCAP crash tests awarded the Tiguan five out of five stars, with high scores in both frontal and side impacts

What is the optimal budget for a first car?

Defining an appropriate budget for the first car hinges on individual circumstances, including personal financial standing, desired car type, local market conditions, and insurance costs. 

While the average full-coverage auto insurance comes in at $2,016 per year, premiums can double or triple for teen drivers. These added expenses shouldn't be a shock for you, considering the risk inexperienced drivers pose to insurers.

A used car will be a beneficial option for a  teenager - it carries a lower price tag, while accidental dents and scratches do not cause such frustration as on a new car. It is a good option to save on collision coverage and address a local service station for regular maintenance and repairs. Teenage drivers can even save up for their first car themselves, as there are plenty of reliable and good-looking options under $15,000.   

How to choose the best car for a teenager in Missouri

Dealing with teenagers is always a challenge. To ensure the right choice and satisfy the new driver, visit Clement Pre-Owned in St.Charles, Florissant, or St.Louis, MO for a test drive with the whole family! Our team will help you narrow down the options and strike a perfect balance between style, safety, and affordability.