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What is the most popular luxury car brand in the US?

best luxury auto brands in the US, 2023 | Clement Pre-Owned, MO

What is the most popular luxury car brand in the US?

If you are wondering which car brand to buy to gain the awe and envy from the majority of the US citizens, you're in the right place. Let's take a closer look at some of the most prominent car brands and what they bring to the table. 

1. Tesla - Electrifying luxury

  • Established: 2003
  • Country of origin: USA
Tesla Model Y car front view

Tesla, an American trailblazer in the automotive industry, has redefined luxury with its electric vehicles (EVs). In 2022, Tesla reached a noteworthy milestone by surpassing BMW to claim the title of "Best Overall Luxury Brand," as recognized by the respected automotive valuation and research company, Kelley Blue Book. This achievement marked the first instance in nearly 25 years that an American brand had secured this prestigious recognition. Furthermore, as reported by US News and World Report, the Tesla Model Y claimed the title of the world's best-selling car in the first quarter of 2023, as the best-selling luxury brand in America.

Notably, Tesla's vehicles redefine EV standards with impressive range, performance, and contemporary cabin design. For instance, the 2023 Model S offers an astonishing electric range of up to 405 miles, while the 2023 Model 3 provides an exhilarating, environmentally-conscious driving experience.

Key Tesla models:

  • Model Y: A compact electric SUV known for its versatility, range, and cutting-edge technology.
  • Model S: A premium electric sedan that offers impressive range and acceleration, setting new standards for EV performance.
  • Model 3: A midsize electric sedan designed for mass-market appeal, combining affordability and electric mobility.

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2. BMW - The ultimate driving machine

  • Established: 1916
  • Country of origin: Germany
Impressive blue BMW sedan, front view

BMW, a revered name in the automotive world, boasts a rich century-long history in the auto market. Led by the visionary Oliver Zipse, Bayerische Motoren Werke (translated as Bavarian Motor Factory)  remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to set industry standards.

This prominent German car manufacturer claimed the top spot among the Pursuitist 5-Star Gold Award winners for the Best Everyday Luxury Car Brands in 2023. This Bavarian auto producer has consistently held a slight edge over its competitors in the fancy automotive sector, as evidenced by its performance in Kelley Blue Book's 2022 Brand Watch Report.

BMW's unwavering commitment to delivering sheer driving pleasure is evident through innovations like EfficientDynamics, aimed at enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions while maintaining a thrilling driving experience. Additionally, BMW ConnectedDrive seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into these elegant vehicles, offering features like advanced navigation, infotainment, and connectivity, setting new standards for convenience and enjoyment on the road.

With a storied history, a dedication to innovation, and a range of models catering to various tastes, BMW continues to amaze drivers in Missouri and in the whole US.

Key BMW Models:

  • BMW 7 Series: The flagship sedan, offering a blend of elegance, performance, and advanced technology.
  • BMW X5: A versatile and stylish SUV known for its dynamic driving characteristics.
  • BMW 4-Series: Combining sportiness and beauty, it offers a range of body styles including coupe, convertible, and Gran Coupe.

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3. Mercedes-Benz - The best or nothing

  • Established: 1926
  • Country of origin: Germany
Mercedes-Benz sedan front view

Mercedes-Benz, a name steeped in history, traces its roots back to the groundbreaking invention of the first automobile by Carl Benz in 1886. This rich heritage has firmly established Mercedes-Benz as a symbol of opulence, uncompromising excellence, and cutting-edge technological advancements. 

Mercedes-Benz has long been synonymous with pioneering safety features and innovative driving dynamics. Technologies like Pre-Safe, which tries to anticipate accidents and advanced driver-assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistant, demonstrate the brand's dedication to keeping drivers and passengers secure on the road.

The high-performance subsidiary, Mercedes-AMG, takes already impressive models and elevates them to a new level of power and precision, offering exhilarating performance, distinctive design elements, and a truly immersive driving experience. Notably, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, often referred to as the "G-Wagon," has remained virtually unchanged in its iconic design since its introduction in 1979. Its boxy, military-inspired appearance conceals an elegant interior and advancements, making it an enduring symbol of rugged elegance.

Key Mercedes-Benz Models:

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Often referred to as the "Sonderklasse," it sets the standard for luxury sedans with comfort, technology, and safety features.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE: A midsize SUV offering versatility and a range of powertrains, including hybrid and high-performance AMG variants.
  • Mercedes-Benz EQS: A full-electric SUV, combining luxury, craftsmanship, and emission-free driving for a sustainable future.

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4. Lexus - Pursuit of luxury

  • Established: 1989
  • Country of Origin: Japan
Lexus sedan front view

Lexus, Toyota's upscale division, has rapidly climbed to the top of the automotive ladder by providing authentic extravagance. Despite its newcomer status in the industry, Lexus has earned a prominent reputation for exceptional reliability, efficiency, top-grade interiors, and securing the prestigious Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award in the luxury car category for the Lexus ES for five consecutive years.

Key Lexus Models:

  • Lexus LS: A full-size sedan known for its comfort, quality, and advanced features.
  • Lexus RX: A popular crossover SUV combining style and practicality.
  • Lexus ES: A midsize sedan offering a balance of performance and comfort.

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5. Land Rover - Iconic luxury SUVs

  • Established: 1948
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
Land Rover Discovery luxury SUV from the front

Land Rover, a legendary British automaker, is renowned for its iconic grandeur SUVs. With a history dating back to 1948, Land Rover auto manufacturer has set the standard for off-road capability, opulence, and cutting-edge technology.

Land Rover vehicles are designed to conquer rugged terrains while providing the utmost in comfort and sophistication. Features like Terrain Response and advanced driver assistance systems ensure premium driving capabilities. 

Key Land Rover Models:

  • Range Rover: The flagship model is known for its unmatched combination of luxury, off-road capability, and advanced technology.
  • Range Rover Sport: A sportier and more dynamic version of the Range Rover, offering exhilarating performance.
  • Range Rover Velar: A stylish and modern SUV, featuring a sleek design and advanced infotainment.

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6. Audi - Performance and innovation

  • Established: 1909
  • Country of origin: Germany
Audi car from the front

Audi is synonymous with top-rated vehicles, well-rounded performance and cutting-edge technology, often featuring standard all-wheel drive. CEO Markus Duesmann leads Audi's path toward an electric future. Audi's commitment to technological innovations, dynamic performance, and sophisticated design ensures impressive, comfortable, and luxurious autos.

Key Audi Models:

  • Audi A8: A flagship sedan known for its opulence, advanced technology, and exceptional comfort.
  • Audi Q5: A popular compact SUV offering a balance of style, performance, and practicality.
  • Audi A6: A midsize sedan known for its elegant design and impressive driving dynamics.

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7. Porsche - Sports car excellence

  • Established: 1931
  • Country of origin: Germany
Porshe Taycan from the back view

Porsche, an iconic brand known for sports car excellence, delivers a driving experience like no other. With a heritage dating back to 1931, Porsche consistently pushes boundaries. Whether you're seeking exhilarating acceleration or impeccable handling, Porsche delivers with a blend of performance, luxury, and timeless style.

Key Porsche Models:

•      Porsche 911: A timeless sports car icon celebrated for its rear-engine layout and thrilling performance.

•      Porsche Cayenne: A SUV that combines Porsche's performance DNA with prestige and versatility.

•      Porsche Macan: A compact SUV offering Porsche's trademark driving dynamics in a more practical package.

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8. Lincoln - American luxury dream

  • Established: 1917
  • Country of origin: USA
Lincoln Aviator car side view

Lincoln, an American luxury brand with a history dating back to 1917, redefines American automotive extravagance. Lincoln's commitment to comfort, elegance, and innovation is evident in its lineup. For those seeking the best American cars with a touch of nostalgia, Lincoln captures the essence of classic elegance in modern luxury vehicles. 

Key Lincoln Models:

  • Lincoln Navigator: A premium full-size SUV that offers a spacious interior, advanced technology, and a smooth ride.
  • Lincoln Aviator: An upscale midsize SUV known for its combination of performance, comfort, and style.
  • Lincoln Corsair: A compact SUV that provides a blend of refinement and versatility.

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9. Cadillac - American elegance

  • Established: 1902
  • Country of origin: USA
Cadillac Escalade side view

Cadillac, with a storied history dating back to 1902, epitomizes American elegance. Cadillac's blend of lavishness, performance, and innovation has earned it a place among the elite. Cadillac's commitment to safety, comfort, and advanced technology enhances every ride. 

Key Cadillac Models:

•      Cadillac Escalade: An iconic full-size SUV that represents opulence, advanced technology, and commanding presence.

•      Cadillac XT5: A midsize SUV known for its comfort, style, and modern features.

•      Cadillac CT5: A midsize sedan offering a balance of performance and sophistication.

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10. Acura - Engaging performance

  • Established: 1986
  • Country of origin: USA
Acura car from the front

Acura, Honda's division for the prestigious car segment, excels in delivering engaging performance, exclusive designs, and a wealth of technological advancements. Acura's dedication to value and performance makes it a compelling choice for becoming the owner of the most prominent vehicle. While Acura's range is limited compared to some competitors, its focus on excellence in its models ensures a strong contender in the luxury automotive landscape.

​​Key Acura Models:

•      Acura RDX: A standout in the extravagant compact SUV category, offering exceptional value and performance.

•      Acura MDX: A three-row SUV known for its comfort and versatility.

•      Acura TLX: A midsize sedan blending performance and fuel efficiency.

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11. Volvo - Scandinavian elegance

  • Established: 1927
  • Country of origin: Sweden
Grey Volvo side view

Volvo, founded in 1927, embodies Scandinavian brilliance, elegance, and innovation. Volvo's commitment to safety and design excellence distinguishes it in the luxury segment. For those seeking Scandinavian magnificence with a focus on safety, Volvo offers a unique blend of sophistication and protection. 

Key Volvo Models:

•      Volvo XC60: A grandeur compact SUV showcasing Volvo's dedication to safety, comfort, and technology.

•      Volvo XC90: A midsize  SUV offering advanced safety features and elegant interiors.

•      Volvo S60: A midsize sedan with a focus on Scandinavian style and design.

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12. Genesis - Luxury reimagined

  • Established: 2015
  • Country of origin: South Korea
Genesis - car brand from Korea

Genesis, Hyundai's top brand, has made significant strides since its establishment in 2015. Genesis reimagines affluence with a focus on quality, performance, and innovation. As a relatively new entrant, Genesis challenges traditional extravagant brands with fresh approaches to design, performance, and customer service. 

Key Genesis Models:

•      Genesis G80: A premium midsize sedan that combines style and comfort, offering a high-quality driving experience.

•      Genesis GV80: A midsize SUV known for its craftsmanship, advanced technology, and customer-focused approach.

•      Genesis G70: A compact sedan that blends performance and modern design.

13. Jaguar - Timeless luxury

  • Established: 1935
  • Country of origin: UK
Jaguar car owner on the spot

Jaguar, originating from the United Kingdom, embodies timeless splendour with a nod to vintage style. Jaguar's ultra-luxury cars offer classy exteriors and cutting-edge technology. For those seeking a blend of vintage-inspired extravagance and modern amenities, Jaguar captures the essence of British elegance.

Key Jaguar Models:

•      Jaguar F-PACE: An elegant compact SUV that combines elegance with performance.

•      Jaguar XE: A compact prestigious sedan known for its stylish design and engaging driving dynamics.

•      Jaguar XF: A midsize sedan offering a blend of sophistication and advanced features.

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14. Bentley - Handcrafted opulence

  • Established: 1919
  • Country of origin: UK
Become an owner of marvellous light blue Bentley

Bentley, with a legacy dating back to 1919, represents handcrafted opulence and grandeur. Bentley's commitment to luxury, performance, and bespoke craftsmanship is unrivalled. For those seeking the pinnacle of handcrafted elegance, Bentley sets the standard with its meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled refinement. 

Key Bentley Models:

•      Bentley Continental GT: Renowned for its opulent interiors and powerful engines, the Continental GT offers a grand touring experience like no other.

•      Bentley Bentayga: An opulent SUV that combines Bentley's hallmark luxury with off-road capability.

•      Bentley lying Spur: A lavish sedan known for its comfort, style, and sophisticated features.

15. Infiniti - Empowering elegance

  • Established: 1989
  • Country of origin: Japan
Infinity  - a dream car for many Missouri citizens

Infiniti, Nissan's luxury division, has been synonymous with elegance, performance, and innovation since its inception in 1989. While a relatively new entrant to the lavish automotive scene, Infiniti has quickly established itself as a contender in the market, catering to discerning drivers seeking a blend of style and substance. Infiniti's commitment to innovative technology, high-quality materials, and performance-oriented design shines through in its lineup. From sedans to SUVs, Infiniti offers a range of richly-equipped vehicles that cater to the modern extravagant car buyer's desires. Infiniti's commitment to innovative technology, high-quality materials, and performance-oriented design shines through in its lineup. From sedans to SUVs, Infiniti offers a range of vehicles that cater to the modern car buyer's desires.

Key Infiniti Models:

  • Infiniti Q50: This sedan exemplifies precision and sophistication, offering a thrilling driving experience combined with opulent comfort.
  • Infiniti QX60: For those in search of a premium midsize SUV, the QX60 stands out with its spacious interior, advanced technology, and refined design.
  • Infiniti QX80: The QX80 is the epitome of full-sized SUVs, boasting powerful performance, a lavishly appointed interior, and cutting-edge features.

Explore these top models and experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and innovation for your everyday driving needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which luxury car brand is from the USA?

One of the prominent opulent car brands from the USA is Cadillac. Cadillac has a long-standing history in the American automotive industry and is known for producing elegant cars and SUVs with a touch of American flair.

What is the most preferred luxury car brand?

The preference for an opulent car brand can vary depending on individual tastes and priorities. However, brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus are often preferred by many car enthusiasts in Missouri and all around the USA due to their reputation for quality, performance, and cutting-edge features.

How many luxury cars are in America?

The exact number of lavish cars in America can vary from year to year due to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences. According to, in 2022, the luxury car segment generated approximately $7.4 billion in revenue in the U.S., and there are projections for further growth in 2023. The United States has emerged as the dominant global market for lavish automobiles, with a market size that exceeded twice the revenue generated by the car market in Germany, the second-largest market in this segment.

Which luxury car brand offers the best resale value?

Brands such as Lexus and Porsche are renowned for their strong resale value, attributed to their reliability and strong brand reputation. If you're interested in learning more about car valuation, you can find additional information here.

What are the latest technological innovations in luxury cars?

Innovations include autonomous driving, advanced infotainment, connectivity, enhanced comfort features, and high-end audio systems.

Are there eco-friendly luxury cars available?

Yes, lavish brands like Tesla, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz offer electric and hybrid options.

What is the future of luxury car brands?

Future trends include electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving, and new mobility solutions to adapt to changing consumer preferences and urbanization.


In conclusion, the world of opulent cars in 2023 offers a remarkable array of choices, each representing a unique blend of performance, comfort, and innovation. From the electrifying extravagance of Tesla to the timeless elegance of Mercedes-Benz and the ultimate driving experience offered by BMW, these top extravagant brands have redefined daily driving. Whether you prioritize electric innovation, timeless opulence, or exhilarating performance, there's a grandeur brand to match your desires. When it comes to making that luxury accessible, Clement Pre-Owned is your destination, where you can find an impressive selection of these prestigious brands in the used market. Explore our extensive inventory, and become an owner of one of these top-notch vehicles even today.