Clement Pre-Owned Foreign Business Professionals Program

foreign business professionals program

Acquiring the loan you need doesn't have to be a painful affair for our friends who have recently relocated to the United States. In fact, with the Clement Pre-Owned team of financing specialists on your side, establishing credit – even if you have no credit history – and buying your first used car can be a fun and exciting undertaking. With this in mind, feel free to connect with the Clement Pre-Owned team so that we can do the hard work for you and ensure that you are on the road to success with a quality used car in St Charles in no time.

Getting Started

Are you ready to let the Clement Pre-Owned team help you secure a loan on the right used car for you? Then be sure to bring the following with you when you are ready to stop by our convenient St Charles location:

  • Signed and completed credit application
  • United States Social Security card or a copy of an official letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) which includes your assigned Social Security number.
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of your U.S. visa (please black out your picture). If you intend to extend your stay beyond the date on this document, please give us a call at 636-428-2619 so that we can help you work out the details of a loan with a longer term.
  • Residency and phone number verification. (A utility bill is often the preferred document on this front.)
  • Current professional position, hire date, income, and length of stay in the United States (U.S.), verified via a letter from your employer.

As you can see, we have plenty of experience both in helping people in your exact situation and making the process of acquiring a first car loan as simple and stress-free as possible for those who have just moved to the U.S.

Now that you know what you need to get on the road toward building credit and owning a quality used car, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV), go ahead fill out our quick and simple credit application. After doing this, you'll be ready to drop in and enjoy the best part of this process – shopping for the right used vehicle for you and your family.

Credit Application

Primary Applicant





*Three personal references from individuals residing in the U.S.
**Monthly payment must not exceed 25% of your income before tax
***Verifiable gross income must be greater than $45,000