First-Time Car Buyer Program


Whether you’re 18 or 98, buying a car for the first time can be frustrating and disappointing. Are you afraid that you may not have the credit necessary to get into your first car? Or may enough money down to make the cut?

We have good news for you! At Clement Pre-Owned, we have guaranteed financing! WIth as little as a quarter down, we can finance first-time car buyers! Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions of your life right now, and it is important that you can get into the right car at the right price! Clement Pre-Owned offers the best cars at the best prices! With guaranteed financing and one quarter down - if you have a job and a quarter - you can afford 'er! Let us take the stress out of it while you sit back, relax and enjoy how fun car buying can be!


There isn't subscriptions or titles in this club! It’s simple to become a “member” of our first-time buyer program because we only have one real requirement. As long as you’ve been at your current job for 3 months or longer, you’re all set.

You’ll enjoy how low financing rates can be through our 70+ lenders that can finance people that have never had a car loan or any other loan on their record. We’re completely understanding if you have no credit to show – in fact, we expect that! We also finance you up to $57,500 which gives you a lot of inventory to search through for your new car. Best of all, there’s no co-signer required. You can do this all on your own.

To learn more about our first-time buyer program and how we guarantee you'll drive your best car at your best price home, call Clement Pre-Owned today at 636-428-2619 to speak with our dedicated First-Time Car Loan Specialists on our team waiting for your call.

If you'd rather simply submit a Quick 60 Second Pre-Approval application online to jumpstart the First-Time Car Buyer process, fill out the quick form below, and we'll have you pre-qualification ready in just seconds!