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In order for this Limited Warranty to remain valid, the CUSTOMER must have the COVERED VEHICLE serviced exactly as the procedures list below. 

Failure to implement these maintenance responsibilities will result in denial of coverage therefore avoiding this Agreement. 

All maintenance to YOUR Vehicle must be performed at the location of the SELLING DEALERSHIP OR ONE OF THE SELLING DEALERS LOCATIONS. 

The CUSTOMER must keep all maintenance records from the date of original delivery supported by receipts indicating date, lime, mileage. and service performed, and these records must be available to the SELLING DEALER upon request. Proof of maintenance will be required for certain repairs under this limited Warranty Agreement. Failure to provide proof of required maintenance will result in denial of coverage. Failure to properly maintain YOUR COVERED VEHICLE in accordance with YOUR owner’s manual will result in denial of coverage. 


All Routine Maintenance must be performed within one 11) month or one thousand 11,000) miles, whichever comes first, of the regular scheduled interval based upon the odometer reading and date of the previous Routine Maintenance Service. 

All Maintenance to YOUR Vehicle must be performed according to the service and maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual published by the manufacturer of the COVERED VEHICLE OR every four 14) months or five thousand 15,000) miles, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST {regardless if the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is greater than four (41 months or five thousand ({5,000}miles). 

This required maintenance as mentioned above includes: 

  1. Oil & Filter Change. 
  2. Check and Maintain Transmission Fluid. 
  3. Top off all Fluid levels. 
  4. Check and Maintain Proper Coolant levels. 
  5. Check and Maintain Differential & Transfer Case

Note: if the Owner’s Manual outlines any specific instructions related to Synthetic Oil. those recommendations will override the Routine Maintenance requirements listed above, however in any event, the Maior Maintenance Service listed below will still be required to be performed. 


The Customer must adhere to all other recommendations as outlined in the Manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, such as any major services including but not limited to 30, 60, 90. or 120 thousand mile maintenance. lire rotation, fuel filter. air filter, coolant flushes, transmission services etc. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for specific instructions. All Major Maintenance Services recommended by the Manufacturer must be performed within one (1) month or one thousand (1,000) miles, whichever comes first, of the recommended interval regardless of the last date or mileage interval of Routine Maintenance Service.


1. Prevent Further Damage: take immediate action to prevent further damage to YOUR COVERED VEHICLE. Any damage resulting from continued operation of an impaired vehicle will constitute failure to protect the COVERED VEHICLE and will not be covered under this limited Warranty Agreement. 

2. In the event of a MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN, YOU MUST RETURN YOUR COVERED VEHICLE TO THE SELLING DEALER at the address shown on the Declaration Page of this limited Warranty Agreement to one of the Selling Dealers Locations. 

3. YOU will be responsible for the towing expense. YOU are responsible for authorizing inspection or tear down of YOUR COVERED VEHICLE by the SELLING DEALER to determine the cause of FAILURE. II the FAILURE is not covered under this Limited Warranty Agreement. YOU will be responsible for these costs. 

4. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The SELLING DEALER reserves the right to refer the VEHICLE to another dealership or a specialized repair facility of their choice for certain types of repairs. The SELLING DEALER reserves the right to inspect the vehicle, or appoint a third party to inspect the VEHICLE prior to repairs being performed at another repair facility. Additionally, In the event of Mechanical Breakdown, YOU must provide the SELLING DEALER with Proof of maintenance. FAILURE TO FURNISH PROOF OF MAINTENANCE WILL RESULT IN DENIAL OF COVERAGE. 


A. Repairs or replacements not authorized in advance by the Dealer.

B. Any MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN or FAILURE that occurs to or results from non-standard (any component not installed by the original manufacturer) or high-performance parts, any mechanical or electrical alterations made lo the COVERED VEHICLE including, but not limited to, the use of oversized tires, installation of header pipes, lift kits, or snow plow equipment or fittings.

Any part, repair, or replacement thereof while covered by insurance, a manufacturer’s warranty, recall program, factory service bulletins, or special policy.

C. Any COVERED VEHICLE if the odometer has been tampered with, altered, disconnected (excluding during maintenance or repair) or not maintained in working order, causing It to not record actual mileage driven.

D. Any MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN or FAILURE caused by (a) failure to service the COVERED VEHICLE as recommended by the manufacturer; (b) overheating, regardless of the cause of overheating or resulting from contamination or inadequate amounts of coolant, lubricants, or fluids; (c) continued operation of YOUR COVERED VEHICLE or failure to use reasonable means to protect YOUR COVERED VEHICLE from further damage after a FAILURE occurs; (d) sludge, rust, residue, or corrosion; (e) lack or loss of oil or lubricant; Or (f) OWNER OR DRIVER NEGLIGENCE OR MISUSE, WHICH SHALL INCLUDE OPERATION OF THE VEHICLE AFTER THE FAILURE OF ANY PART, THE NORMAL OPERATION OF WHICH IS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN A SAFE ENGINE OPERATING TEMPERATURE. All UNSAFE ENGINE OPERATING TEMPERATURE IS INDICATED BY GAUGES, WARNING LIGHTS, OR AUDIBLE WARNING SOUNDS.

E. Any vehicle used for any form of competitive driving or racing.

F. Any vehicle used for pulling a trailer with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 1,500 pounds unless the vehicle is equipped as recommended by the manufacturer.

G. The following, unless required in connection with repairs or replacements covered hereunder: adjustments, wheel or suspension alignments, wheel balancing, engine tune-ups, grinding valves, refrigerants.

H. Commercial use including, but not limited lo, public hire, rental, taxi, or livery, and vehicles with non-standard equipment installed specifically lo facilitate commercial use.

I. Storage charges, shop supplies, and materials charge; diagnostic procedures not in the flat rate time to repair the covered component.

J. Losses resulting from delays or failures caused by acts of God, accidental loss or damage, collision or upset, falling missiles or objects, fire, theft, larceny, explosion, lightning, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, flood, freezing, malicious mischief, vandalism, war, riot or civil commotion, labor strikes, or other causes beyond the control of the dealership.

K. Incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of time. inconvenience or loss of use of the COVERED VEHICLE or injury or death to any persons.

L. A part or component that a repair facility may recommend replacing but which has not FAILED.

M. Costs incurred to improve operating performance as a result of normal wear and tear.

N. Maintenance services and parts described in the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule for the COVERED VEHICLE.

P. Repairs to correct loss al compression or oil consumption related to burnt or carboned piston rings or valve components.

Q. MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN caused by ruptured or damaged constant velocity boots.

R. Damage to a covered part resulting from a MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN or FAILURE of a non-covered part, or from faulty or negligent repairs, or installation of defective parts.

S. Damages for bad faith, punitive or exemplary damages, property damage (except as specifically stated in the Limited Warranty Agreement), and attorney fees.

T. Limit of Liability (per repair visit)-The COST of repairs in excess of the approved COST to correct any FAILURE using the approved retail labor lime from a nationally recognized labor time guide (i.e. Motors Guide). Parts replacement costs shall not exceed the Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. In no event shall OUR liability exceed the approved COST necessary to correct the actual cause of FAILURE limit of liability Aggregate)-Total aggregate of repairs paid by this warranty exceeding the lesser of (1) the Vehicle Purchase Price, (2) the NADA retail value of the COVERED VEHICLE at time of current repair or (3) $5,000.

U. ALL COMPONENTS ORIGINALLY COVERED BY Manufacturer’s Powertrain Coverage as indicated in the applicable Manufacturer’s Warranty Booklet or coverage provided by any other warranty or service contract issued to the customer by another administrator, dealer or repair facility.

V. Car Rental, Towing or Road Services are not covered.


This Limited Warranty including the terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions, definitions and exclusions together with the endorsements and the attached papers, if any, constitutes the entire ”Limited Warranty”. No agent or representative of the Dealer (named above) has authority to change this “Limited Warranty” or to waive any of its provisions. This “Limited Warranty” gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from stale to state. All implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby limited to the same duration and lime as the express written warranty above stated. ·some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.” This “limited Warranty” is issued by the Dealer only and is included (without additional costs) as part of the price of the vehicle.


Subject to the terms. conditions, limitations. exceptions. and exclusions set forth ir1 this agreement, the Dealer warrants to the customer that the above described vehicle has been inspected and reconditioned as necessary to be in serviceable condition all the time of sale. If and when a mechanical failure occurs, contact the selfing dealer for instructions. Upon inspection, if the selling dealer determines that indeed a covered part has failed, then dealer agrees as follows:

The Dealer will pay. less the $100 deductible shown above, 100% of the parts and labor bills to repair. or at the election of the Dealer, reimburse the customer the reasonable cost of repairing such failure of a “covered part” listed below for the engine, transmission, and drive axle provided that such repairs are done by the Dealer or his agent, and that such repairs do not qualify for coverage under any new vehicle warranty or manufacturer’s defects including manufacturer’s recalls.

Limit of Liability (Aggregate) • The aggregate total of all repairs and benefits paid or payable while this Limited Warranty Agreement is in force shall not exceed the lesser of the following aggregate amounts: (1) the Vehicle Purchase Price or (2) the NADA retail value of the COVERED VEHICLE at time of current repair or (3) $5,000. This agreement is inclusive of the manufacturer’s warranty: it does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty. losses covered by the manufacturer during the manufacturer’s warranty period are not covered under this agreement nor are losses covered by any warranty or service contract Issued to the customer by another administrator, dealer or repair facility.

Duration: 30 Year/300k Mile, whichever comes first, provided that you adhere to the maintenance requirements and all other provisions stated within this limited warranty.

This agreement is not transferable, renewable or cancelable. This agreement is not a service contract. It is provided to the customer by the issuing dealer at no additional charge. This limited warranty terminates In the event of a total loss, repossession, vehicle ownership transfers to a new owner or if the maintenance requirements as outlined in this agreement are not adhered to.

Maintenance Requirements:

All maintenance on Your Vehicle must be performed at the location of the SELLING DEALERSHIP. It is your responsibility to maintain and service your vehicle according to the service and maintenance schedule published by the manufacturer of your vehicle. NOTE: Oil changes must be completed the lesser of; your manufacturer’s requirement or within every 4 months or 5,000 miles. These requirements must be followed in order for this limited Warranty to be valid. You must perform all scheduled maintenance for this limited Warranty to remain in effect. If you fail to maintain your vehicle according to the service and maintenance schedule published by the manufacturer of your vehicle and/or the additional oil change requirements herein, your claim will be denied and this Limited Warranty will be terminated. 

A. Engine

Covered Parts: All internally lubricated parts, block and cylinder-head if damaged by an internally lubricated part, flywheel, manifolds, rotary engine housing, water pump.

Examples of Non-Covered Parts– Including but not limited to Air cleaner, A.I.R. pump belt, carburetor, carburetor linkage, catalytic converter, distribution assembly, engine mounts, exhaust system, fly and fan belt, fuel-air-oil filters, fuel lines, fuel vapor canister, ignition coils, hoses, PVC valve, shroud, spark plug, thermostat, all gaskets and seals (except when necessary as the result of repairs to a covered component). Diagnostic lights including but not limited to Check Engine, Service, ABS, SRS, Air Bag.


All internal parts, torque converter if damaged internally, case if damaged by an internal part.

Friction clutch; pressure plate, transmission linkage, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator, case if damaged externally, all gaskets and seals (except when necessary as the result of repairs to a covered component).

C. Drive Axle

Axel shaft, front and/or rear drive axel, internal parts contained within housing, propeller shaft, universal joints.

Shock absorbers, tie rods and stabilizers, springs, suspension linkage, wheel bearings and retainers, struts, all gaskets and seals (except when necessary as the result of repairs to a covered component).

This “Limited Warranty” is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, exceptions, definitions, and exclusions stated in this document, which the customer by signing this agreement, has read and fully understands.